Wednesday, Meatloaf Day

Project publication Artist in Residence Studio 22 The MeetFactory Prague, 2009, 38 pages, full colour, text Tomás Pospiszyl, design Wouter Huis and Rob van de Werdt. A project by Benjamin Frankel

Wednesday, Meatloafday | MeetFactory Praag 2009
Laurent Malherbe, Ina Smits, Benjamin Frankel, Walter van Broekhuizen, Rob van de Werdt, Wouter Huis, Karin van Pinxteren, Jeroen Evertz

Stage 7: The Caretaker, Karin van Pinxteren

Karin van Pinxteren contributed ‘The Caretaker’. She simplified the work of the six previous artists into a condensed composition. The arranged objects contained several works that had been made and used by the other participants during the previous months. This residue had a strong of sense of presence.

In opposition to the objects, van Pinxteren used the physical perfection of a dead dove found on the pavement in the centre of Prague, which for a relatively short period of time had flown around and over the city. Neither element dissolved into the other and they remained separate. As ‘Caretaker’ she brought a strong moment of silence into environments where presence and inclination quickly vanish.

The Caretaker, Karin van Pinxteren
The Caretaker, Karin van Pinxteren