Easy to love… (video)

Easy to love... | video 1:54 min/loop | 2012

In the depot of an artist-run centre I discovered an ellipse that I had left there in 2000. It was the residue of an object I had manufactured for a performance (a large photo frame that functioned as a booth). At the time I thought my life as an artist would become easier with the years, clearer, but instead it only became more complicated. This ellipse, a simple familiar shape, has become charged with various meanings over time. It has become an important figure, we share a commitment.

I try to love this entity, caressing it, holding it in my arms, but it is not easy. Two heartbeats can be heard and a waltz with its three-four time, a dance for two persons. Different moments of the day follow one another. I try to hand over the ellipse to the audience but I can’t let go of it.


video – 1:54 min/ loop
camera – Sandra Eijkman
editing – Martijn de Boer
music sample – Max Steiner ‘Russian Waltz’
piano – Leonid Makarevich


Visitor watching 'Easy to love, but hard to live with' | Karin van Pinxteren
Visitor watching ‘Easy to love…’ at Museum De Pont