Ruimte innemen vergt een zeker karakter | Cityscapes Mental Space

What, actually, can a stranger see?’ – Kurt Tucholsky

Karin van Pinxteren exhibits a poetic reflection of her ambivalent travel experiences from 13 June to 25 July 2020. Many works now arise from the journey, the city or the village and the contemplation. Thus Naples, Las Vegas, Valencia, Europe, Mas de Charrou, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Venice and Chelva have ended up in a work.

What is special about these ‘travel reports’ is that although they are exact representations of experiences at locations and are therefore location-specific, they are not explicitly about the cities in question. They are reflections on the other and the self, in short poetry. In this way, the work concerns both the city and the mental space at the same time.

In the installation, the poetically visual works about Europe communicate with those about China. Fitting to the moment, the installation reflects on our relationship to travelling, to exploring new paths, ‘the Chinese’ and, as always, the I and the other.

The book Nachtportier (Night Porter) with short travel reflections has been published to accompany the exhibition.

to Cityscapes Foundation

6 x Gedicht in Casino
left ‘In Chelva en ernaast’ (4 poetry drawings)
Asymmetry is a gift ‘Onder het glazuur’ | Ik eet een beetje taal ‘Elkaar eenmaal’ | Onbekend Atmosferisch Effect #4
The Hostess, The Porter and The Caretaker | 2 video’s in loop (basement space)
Dirk van Weelden | openingswoord ‘In het oerbos van de taal’ | June 13 2020
live de prachtige tekst van en door Dirk van Weelden ‘In het oerbos van de taal’
publications Karin van Pinxteren, left new ‘Nachtportier’ with short travel stories
Noortje Tan, owner and curator Cityscapes Mental Space
Between quotation marks on Waterlooplein. My name is gone but my aphorism has remained. Anonymous in Amsterdam, on the border between home and public space.