‘Hey Karin, was thinking about your work’

This line is often the first sentence in a message of a friend making a bridge to one of the artworks, through an image or being somewhere in the world. I thought it would be nice to post them in a blog.

The effort of my friends to share that unexpected moment with me is touching: two images sliding over each other, one of the gaze and one of the memory, being an impression of the work, lingered in the memory but also present.

Over the years it has become a cool collection, from the passage under the Rijksmuseum to a bus in Japan, from a clothes basket in Indonesia to a fireplace in Scotland and The Jackson 5 in The Guardian.

Although it is a general feeling of a stored motif or image I have placed a work next to it

2022, Frank Havermans

artist, architectural designer

Hill of Freedom monument, Ilirska Bistrica, Slovenia (1965)

Kurt’s Zimmer | 2006

2021, Anthony Kleinepier

artist, designer

Gaudi, Parc Güell, Barcelona

1900 – 1914
General Law 2 - Karin van Pinxteren
General Law 2 | 2006-2009

2021, Arjen Pels Rijcken

founder Museum Depot Shop

Flashmob Bolero Ravel, Porto, Lisboa

Easy to love Karin van Pinxteren 2017 lowres
Easy to love…, 2000-2011-2017

2021, Jos Bosman

architect, architecture historian, writer

Sean Connery, BBC

Michael Parkinson talking to James Bond actor Sean Connery, 2003
Kurt's Zimmer | Karin van Pinxteren | photo by Dirk Kreijkampto by Dirk Kreykamp
Kur’ts Zimmer, 2006

2021, Monique Camps

artist, Gericault expert

Jackson 5, The Guardian

The Guardian Weekly, 16 april 2021: Mellow Yellow: The Jackson 5 in 1970
Vêtements Protocollaires | Hostess performance |Karin van Pinxteren | Argument, Tilburg | 2000
Vêtements Protocollaires, 2000

2019, Barbara Purba

retired ministry foreign affairs

clothes basket in hotel, Indonesia

photo Barbara Purba, 2019
La Chambre de Cathérine, 2016

2018, Truc Vo


Garden of Delight, land art

Court Dance II and a soft spot for a proposal, 2009-2011

2018, Neil Whiteleaf


fireplace by C.R. Mackintosh, Scotland

Hall fireplace by C.R. Mackintosh at Hill House, Helensburgh, Scotland, 1904
Visitor 6 | Karin van Pinxteren
Visitor 6, 2010

2017, Jackie Dee

cultural organizer

Dreamspace, Maurice Agis

Maurice Agis – Dreamspace V, Liverpool, 2006, photo by Andy Miah

Vêtements Protocollaires | Hostess performance |Karin van Pinxteren | Argument, Tilburg | 2000
Vêtements protocollaires, 2000

2017, Mynke Buskens


Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

photo Mynke Buskens, 2017
Platform 1 | painting | oil on wood | 123 x 166 cm | 2005-2009
Platform, 2008

2014, Anthony Kleinepier

artist, designer

view from a bus, Kagoshima, Kyushu, Japan

photo Anthony Kleinepier, 2014
Kurt's Zimmer | Karin van Pinxteren | photo by Dirk Kreijkamp
Kurt’s Zimmer, 2006, photo Dirk Kreijkamp

2012, Paul van Osch


a long kept science fiction image, music magazine OOR ± 1995

OOR magazine, ± 1995
Visitor looking at The Correspondents @ Galerie Mieke van Schaijk 's-Hertogenbosch
Conversations, 2014