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By Invitation Only | LOGMAN, Utrecht | 29-11-20 /16-01-21 10 curatoren, drie kunstenaars, drie werken, drie prijsklassen van 0-1500 euro. … More

Authorized Dealer

‘Authorized Dealer’ is the title of my work and blog for Project Mong Kok, Crossing Border Festival Hong Kong, October … More

Karin van Pinxteren - Visitor, enlighte me - © photography by Liedeke Kruk

Visitor, enlighten me

The Nightporter always works alone accompanied by the artworks she has to take care of. She wasn’t familiar with art, … More

Court Dance | Karin van Pinxteren | oil on panel and wallpaint| 2008 | photo by Peter Cox

The Court Dance & LOGO

On the artworld stage it is important where you expose and who is your chaperon(e). Ones eyes are focused at … More