Authorized Dealer

‘Authorized Dealer’ is the title of my work and blog for Project Mong Kok, Crossing Border Festival Hong Kong, October … More

Deal with me | Karin van Pinxteren | pedestal + stamp | Museum De Pont

Inhale with me

installation pedestal, stamp: text ‘Inhale with me’ wood, laquer, ink 110 x 60 x 26 cm 2011       … More

Guide me | Karin van Pinxteren 2005

Guide me to myself

  Guide me to myself jar belt | kruikgordel   Being lost in life is being lost in oneself, why does … More

Huurling | Hireling

‘Grondbetreders’ | steel, jar, black hole | 18-03 / 31-04-2000 | estate Seldensaete (ruin), Middelrode | stichting Het Wachtje