a project based on the extraordinary legacy of Seth Siegelaub

In 2020 artist/ artistic researcher Lucas Hoeben and artist/artistic researcher Eva Pel started the project SPEAKING OF_, based upon the legacy of Seth Siegelaub’s life and work. Lucas and Eva invited me to participate in the project that will be reflected in various locations in 2022.

Seth Siegelaub (1941, Bronx, New York – June 15, 2013, Basel, Switzerland) was an American-born art dealer, curator, author and researcher. He is best known for his innovative promotion of conceptual art in New York in the 1960s and ’70s, but has also been a political researcher and publisher, textile history bibliographer and collector, and a researcher working on a project on time and causality in physics.

This is the blog of my working process for Project Seth Siegelaub. The most recent finding is at the top of the blog.


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